Social Fabric

At the heart of Somewhere Between, There and Here, is the mixed-media installation Trophies Revisited, which remixes the work Cycles (1992) presented initially at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, as part of Trophies of Empire curated by Keith Piper. Rita’s reimagining includes a Social Fabric, a patchwork train made of patches contributed. This collectively crafted textile makes material the many threads of Rita’s kinship relations while also calling for more collective understandings of art-making and social modelling. The process of making the work reflects on the power and resilience held in our creatives communities globally as well as the nature of togetherness held in Rita’s home while making the work during a pandemic.  Social Fabric was led by Lauren Craig who is a co-curator at the Rita Keegan Archive Project.


Rita Keegan’s Social Fabric Catalogue compiled by Lauren Craig